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Being a Caregiver for someone you love is one of life’s sacred callings. It can be overwhelming to learn about a loved one’s medical condition and to understand the safest and most efficient ways to provide that loving care. Understanding your options for how you receive medical care and services is very important.

Dementia Care, Hospice, Caregiver

At Solstice we are here to support you in this journey. We offer many educational programs and resources along with our medical services to support to assist you in meeting your loved one’s needs.



We understand the challenges

of caregiving are many.

The best gift you can receive

is knowledge, support, love,

and encouragement.

Hospice Wound Care
Care for Mom

Go to link for more information about caring for your loved one. 

Dementia Dialogues.

Become a Dementia Specialist.

Dementia Care

Dementia Dialogues education in Utah is facilitated and endorsed by the Utah Department of Health.

  • TOPIC 1 / The Basic Facts: An Introduction to Dementia

  • TOPIC 2 / Keeping the Dialogue Going: Communication Skills

  • TOPIC 3 / Preparing the Environment: Safety, ADLs, and QO

  • TOPIC 4 / It’s Nothing Personal: Addressing Challenging Behavior

  • TOPIC 5 / Now What Do I Do? Creative Problem Solving  


Solstice is proud to offer Dementia Dialogues education. Contact our office for more information.

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